Areas of Interest Within the City

The Church of the Silver Mist

A spectacular domed structure near the heart of Thygasha houses the Church of the Silver Mist. Though normally Sehanine's worshippers are of elven descent, many more humans worship her in Thygasha due to the odd dreams bestowed upon them within the city. The church is truly an engineering marvel and the largest of its kind in the area. The faithful may come to pray and rest in the inner temple's large common area. The outer hall, which encircles the inner sanctum, contains extravagantly built private rooms decorated in a variety of styles reflecting different races and cultures throughout Faerun. Reputedly, the Dream Weavers keep live tigers and other great cats somewhere within the confines of this fantastic temple.

The whole place seems very busy and unorganized to a novice observer. Many visitors marvel at the architecture and mill about the grounds. Worshippers and pilgrims from all over Faerun crowd both the temple and the streets outside the sacred dome. These strangers have attracted numerous peddlers. These street vendors congregate outside the entrance to the temple, offering products ranging from comfortable sleeping robes, to feline statuettes and herbal sleeps aids.

Services are held at the whim of the leaders of the Dream Weavers. The Church of the Silver Mist is headed by Rozhan, the much exalted Keeper of the Mist. Rozhan rarely makes public appearances and is said to be quite old. Kirsan the Mist Walker manages the logistical needs and daily business of the temple.

The Church of Savras

The Prophets who reside in Thygasha maintain a low profile compared to the Church of the Silver Mist and the Cathedral of Light. They prefer to manipulate events as revealed to them by their divinations, guided by their god, from behind the scenes. Consequently, the Church is housed in a modest building. Since it is not of sufficient size to house all members of the local priesthood, many of the priests keep homes in the area surrounding the main temple. The local temple is led by Farad, who holds the rank of Prophet within the Church. Farad knows the events surrounding the Orb of Midnight which have transpired recently.

The Cathedral of Light

Near the center of Thygahsa in a large stone building, lies the Cathedral of Light. Its two story walls encompass a large open air courtyard where the Order of Light (a division of the Church of Pelor) holds services. The interior of these thick walls house the priests. The gleaming white structure is intricately detailed with fine sculpting of elaborate sun-based designs and murals colored in gold. Basked in perpetual light of magical origin, the interior of the Cathedral shines as bright as the sun. At each of the four corners and above the main entrance, an oversized gilded lantern hangs. These also emit light around the clock so the church is a dramatic sight at night. Beautiful backlit stained glass glows throughout the temple.

The rector of the Cathedral is an elderly man named Khali who holds the rank of High Priest within the Order of Light. Khali performs most services. He also ensures that the doors to the Cathedral are always open to the public, but, when necessary, Khali posts guards at the gates. The lesser members of the Order oversee the organization of the local Dark Watch, a night watch that assists the Prince's troops with nighttime law enforcement.

A relative newcomer to the city, the Order of Light has made a very strong impression on Prince Shyja as being people of action. This is a title the more laid back Church of the Silver Mist cannot claim. As such, the Prince has accorded Khali the unprecedented honor of joining his council of advisors.

The congregation itself is rather small, numbering only a couple hundred members. It seems the self-discipline required is somewhat alien to most of the Thygahsan populace. From the flurry of activity though, one would guess the flock numbered in the thousands.

The Sand Clubs

People visit Thygasha for many reasons: to trade their wares, to visit the fabulous temples or to get a glimpse of the rich Thygashan nobility in all their finery. Most, however, visit the Desert Star to escape in the Silver Sand induced dreams that can be obtained with a handful of gold pieces in one of several dozen dream clubs or sand bars.

Prophet's Head Bazaar

Prophet's Head Bazaar is located on a large paved plaza in the center of Thygasha. During the chaotic time when the walls were built, the plaza was crowded with numerous temples and shrines. When fire razed the forum just after this time, the ruins were cleared away and the plaza was constructed the handle the increased trade Thygasha began to enjoy after the conflicts.

The plaza takes its name from the legend of Habar Tran Thela, a famous prophet who was beheaded during a period of civil unrest. The prophet's head was supposedly hung from a wooden beam in the middle of the plaza for several years. Interestingly enough, there are dozens of merchants at the bazaar on any given day who will swear by any gods they can name that they have the head of Habar Tran Thele in a box – for a price, of course.

The Bazaar opens at dawn each day and closes one hour before sunset (as prescribed by local law). Merchants wanting permanent booths in the plaza can lease space by the month from the city for a rather stiff fee. These booths are limited in number. Colorful mosaic tiles on the plaza grounds plot out such spaces. Most merchants, however, are forced to tear down their booths and move them out of the plaza each day only to return in the morning to set up again.

Competition for prime space is fierce. It is a common scene in the morning hours to see two or more vendors brawling over a disputed lot. The Prince recently took steps to alleviate the problem by creating a lottery. Now, each morning vendors must draw clay shards from a large vase. Each shard is inscribed with a lot number. The result is that Bazaar is forever changing is face from day to day. Once all the shards have been drawn all other would-be vendors are turned away for the day.

Merchants come and go. Products that were abundant one day may be hard to find the next. This is one of the reasons the Bazaar is so popular and activity is so lively. There is always something new and exciting to be found there. Because the Bazaar turns over daily, there is a feeling of urgency when looking over the various wares. The customer knows he doesn't have the luxury to go home and think it over and come back the next day. Chance are the customer won't be able to find the same vendor even if he does bother to return and set up his wares.

Areas of Interest Within the City

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