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The City-State of Thygasha

(population 35,000)

The City of Dreams is located in the High Desert on the northern edge of the Genie's Anvil. It is said that Thygasha is built on sacred grounds; an ancient battlefield of the gods where darkness and light battled for generations untold. It is believed that because of these battles, dwellers in the City of Dreams have terrible nightmares and horrifying visions at night, followed by wonderfully serene and pleasant dreams towards dawn.

The city began as an oasis where desert nomads rested and replenished their water supplies. The nomads discovered that the silver sands of the largest watering hole had a hallucinogenic effect on the mind. It is commonly believed that the city received its name as a result of the Silver Sand, not because of the wild dreams and visions its residents experienced during the night. News of the Silver Sand spread to the surrounding land and in time, the oasis grew into the prosperous city it is today.

Great walls were erected during a chaotic time and the city provided protection from the kobolds and fanatical desert tribes. After this time, Thygasha saw an extended period of economic growth. Merchants from across Faerun flocked to the city to sell to this new market and to purchase the now-famous Silver Sand.

Today the City of Dreams is the largest city in the area. The opulent city lies in stark contrast to the surrounding desert. Its elegantly sculpted buildings and majestic towers are truly a beauty fo behold. Thygasha's many spires provide breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Many wealthy aristocrats come to Thygasha to see the beautiful city and to experience the Silver Sand and the exotic dreams of the night.

Prince Shyja, a descendant of the original tribal leader who founded the city, is said to be a competant ruler and a shrewd businessman. However, his weakness for fine horses and wine sometimes clouds his judgement. Under Shyja's order the city's only natural resource, the Silver Sand, has been carefully rationed. This has driven up the market value and poured even more wealth into the Prince's coffers.

Prince Shyja controls all lands within forty miles of the city. This area is home to the shepherds and farmers who provide the city with food and wool. The Prince commands an army of 350 infantry and 350 cavalry. The city is a mecca for both the Church of Shar and the Dream Weavers (a sect of worhippers of Sehanine Moonbow). The Church of Savras also considers Thygasha a holy place. Thousands of pilgrims visit the city each year.

The Church of Shar and the Dream Weavers have recently had several confrontations, some of which culminated in battle in the streets. Several innocent bystanders and many city guards have been slain. This open hostility has had a detrimental effect on trade. The Prince is reportedly stepping up efforts to control the violence. He maintains that the outbreaks are isolated and the streets of Thygasha are as safe as ever.


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